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 [The Gimp] Making a flashing button

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[The Gimp] Making a flashing button Empty
PostSubject: [The Gimp] Making a flashing button   [The Gimp] Making a flashing button EmptySun 19 Oct - 22:52

The aim of this tutorial is to be able to make images that will flash like this one:
[The Gimp] Making a flashing button N-regi10

First of all; you will need 2 Layers;
> One with just the background
> One with just the text
[The Gimp] Making a flashing button T-110

Ok, now you'll need to duplicate the text layer 5 times (6 copies).
[The Gimp] Making a flashing button T-410
What we'll be doing is quite simple: starting from the original layer, we'll progressivly reduce the Opacity until we reach 0.
> the original layer is at Opacity 100%
> the second at Opacity = 80%
> continue until the last is Opacity = 0% (invisible)
[The Gimp] Making a flashing button T-210

* Note: You could do more layers and reduce the opacity 10 by 10 rather than 20 by 20. But I feel it's not needed. On ther other hand, you could also do less layers, but I don't advise it as it may affect the quality of the movement afterwards Wink *

Now you'll need to duplicate the background 5 times (6 copies) as well Wink
What you do now is click on the eye next to each background layer except the first, making them all invisible, except the first. Right-click on the first text layer (Opacity = 100) and select "Merge Down".
Then make the background layer above the first visible and repeat it with the second text layer (Opacity = 80%) and so on until you've done all layers
[The Gimp] Making a flashing button T-310

Ok, we're more than half way through Very Happy

As you can see, the text goes from full visibility to full invisibility. These are respectivly Opactiy = 100 and Opacity = 0. Now what you need to do is rename your layers.
The Gimp is an excellent program because it not only allows you to do still images but gifs as well, and here's how you do them: [200ms]. That means the layer will stay for 200 milliseconds. There are other, probably better, ways, but this is the simplest. Basically, you rename each layer to "[200ms]"
* Note: I'd also advise making the first layer "[500ms]" instead *
To check what you've got so far you can go:
Filters => Animation => Playback (Play)

Now here you'll be going: scratch But that's only half the animation.
Correct Very Happy
what you do now is you need to copy the before last layer and place it above the last layer. In simple, it means you copy layer where the text is Opacity = 20 and place the copy above Opacity = 0. You repeat this for each layer (except Opacity = 100).

In total, you should end up with 10 layers:
10. Opacity = 80
9. Opacity = 60
8. Opacity = 40
7. Opacity = 20
6. Opacity = 0
5. Opacity = 20
4. Opacity = 40
3. Opacity = 60
2. Opacity = 80
1. Opacity = 100

File => Save As => Name.gif
When you save it as a gif, you'll need to convert the colors to indexed. This shouldn't post problem for your colors' quality Wink
[The Gimp] Making a flashing button T-510

Also, don't forget to choose "Save as Animation". In the confirmation box that follows, you might want to check if "Loop for ever" is clicked, but it should be by default Wink
[The Gimp] Making a flashing button T-610

Yoyu've just created a flashing button cheers

Writen by Caihlem
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[The Gimp] Making a flashing button
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