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 Magic Lore: The Magic Tree

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The world of Tharitsia is bathed in magic. Humans, being part magical, are able to wield and bend the currents of magic around them giving them abilities. With time and training, these abilities grow and the mages are capable of greater feats.

Spell Casters
Even though most humans are able to wield magic, one isn't born with all his capacities. Apprentices are unable to wield and manipulate the magical energies that surround them as of yet but can use magical objects and Common Magics of their chosen domain. Scholars are able to wield one Branch Magic of the previously chosen Domain.
Although rare, there subsit a select few number of humans who show no potential in the manipulaton of magical energy, such people are resented by the population and are seen as a plague. They're referred to as the Forgotten Ones.

The Basics
Magic is seperated into 3 major Domains. These Domains represent different types of magical energy, which are wielded differently. Likewise the people wielding these different domains use different approaches. These three domains are:
Nature, or Anima Magic
Light, or Divine Magic
Dark, or Death Magic

It is the natural world, the elements. Many people can master this particular domain
Within itself are three distinct branches, or elements;

It's said the be the divine magic, the will of the gods. Few can master this domain.
Within itself are three distinct branches, or religions;
Meta-Magic; metamorphose, tranforming of thy shape
Purity; healing mainly
Lighting; Offensive, electricty

Thought to be extinct, it's secrets are kept within the very core of secret guilds.
Within itself are three distinct branches, or tomes;
Lore; knowledge
Summoning; or necromancy, the art of imitating life
???; Only exists in theories

Magic Wielding
There are two fundamental magic types within each domain: Common Magic and Branch Magic

Common Magic
Within each Domain lies three distinct branches. A scholar in fire magic of the Nature domain can't use water even though it's in the same Domain for instance. However, there is what is called Common Magic, magic of a Domain which isn't attached to a particular branch and can be used by any wielders of the Domain. Common Magicis also called Magic Tricks as it's more a trick than full fledged Magic.

Branch Magic
As stated prevously, Branch Magic is the magic of one particulare branch onf any given domain. Wileders of Branch Magic are those who've specialised in the refinement of the domain on one of its aspects

Magic Use in Combat
First of all, there are two sorts of combat orientated magics. The first is in the form of direct attacks, for example a devastating fireball. The second, more subtle, is indirectly associated with combat. The prime example to this is the dispised art of Summoning by which you summone half living creatures to aid you, or Meta-Magic by which you transform your body into a weapon.
In either case, using magic consumes energy, characterised by Stamina. Different spells have different demands in Stamina. An essentiel point about Stamina which needs to be grasped is that without it, a mage will find himself in the incapacity to through spells and will be forced to fight in the repugnant way of the Forgotten Ones.

Non Combat Magic
Some magic, like most of the Common Magic, isn't combat orientated. These magics require Stamina too, but being used in non stressful environments it can be disregarded. These serve mainly in everyday life or too help the character when used. These sometimes can be used in combat, in which case Stamina points must be considered. Similar to combat magic, without any Stamina, the mage is unable to cast any of the peaceful spells
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Magic Lore: The Magic Tree
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