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 Combat System

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During your evolution in the game, you will encounter ennemies, fight small or large scale combats or participate in tournaments Smile

Combat Phases
When a combat arises, it evolves along a series of phases. These phases are as follows:
Players' Turns
Combat Modding

Each player rolls a training dice, the one with the highest score starts and so on
This phase only exists on the first round of the combat or unless otherwise specified

Players' Turns
Each player takes turns to do their movements. The higher the level, the more movements they are allocated. At the end of each player phase, the player consumes 3 stamina, unless otherwise specified. At the beginning of each player phase, the player recuperates 1 stamina, unless otherwise specified. If the player has no more stamina points, then (s)he is unable to do any movement for his turn

Combat Modding
Once each player has finished (her)his movements for the turn, then starts the Combat Modding Phase. A staff member, preferably or another, member mods the combat turn; comptabilising the damages delt, mana & stamina points, H.P etc...

Combat Outcomes
Players do not die if they loose, this is espcially true in the event of tournaments. NPC units however, unless stated otherwise, die if they loose the combat.

Tournaments and Duels
Other than quests or attacks, players can decide to challenge each other by the bias of two different arenas

Every now and then, tournaments are organised. Players sign in if they want and a certain number of NPC will also enlist. At the end of the tournament, an object or sum of money will be allocated to the winner. In most cases the object to win should be mentionned before the beginning of the tournamet

Two, or more, participants can decide to challenge each other to a duel. Each participant puts in game a sum of money or an object agreed to at the start, before the duel begins. The duel ends when only one of the participants is still standing and the others are K.O or in the incapacity to continue
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Combat System
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