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 Player Stats

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Player Stats Empty
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The Player Stats

Direct Combat:
H.P - determines the amount of life any one player has
Strength - determines the amount of damage any hit does
Defense - determines the resistence to any physical attack received
Mana - determines the amout of damage a magical hit does
Resistance - determines the resistance to any magical attack received
Stamina - determines how much you can fight

Non Combat:
Rank - the players social rank
Level - the players level
Experience (XP) - the players gameplay record (needed to pass levels)

Points value
Hit Points (H.P)> 1pt= 10 hp
Stregth (Str)> 1pt= 3
Defence (Def)> 1pt= 3
Mana (Mn)> 1pt= 3
Resistance (Rs)> 1pt= 3
Stamina (Sta)> 1pt= 10

Leveling Up
When you level up, you gain 5 stats points that you can use where you want
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Player Stats
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