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Althrough out the game, you'll be able to earn, spend and save money.

These lines are here to explain the currency of Tharitsia and how we deal with them Smile

In Tharitsia, currency comes in several forms
> Copper Coins, the most common and used in every day life
> Silver Coins, less common and worth 100 Copper Coins
> Gold Coins, rarer and worth more. These are the high class's currency and worth 100 Silver Coins
> Gemstones, extremely rare. These are worthless as direct cash, but can be traded in for 50 Gold Coins

How can I earn coins?
There are several ways of earning money in Tharitsia

The first is by accomplising quests. The harder the quest, the more money you can potentially gain.

Another is by defeating another player in a combat. When two or more challengers duel, they each put in game a set amount of gold coins. The winner takes the lot.

A third way of gaining coins is by participating in the forum's life. As in by proposing interesting features and by participating in events

Where do I keep my coins?
It's true that if the game were real, you wouldn't really keep them in a bank: what if it got mobbed? Razz

Never the less, even though you'll be considered to always have all your gold on you, you need to keep records of how much you own in the bank area. First you create a topic and update it each time you earn or use Coins Smile
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