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The different dices within the game

Training related
There are two dice involved here
> Normal Training Dice
> Competance Training Dice

Training Dice
You can roll this once a day. The XP earnt from this roll serves to increase your combat level

Competance Dice
You can roll 2 of these per day. First specify which one rolls for which domain. The XP earnt from these rolls serve to increase your level in the chosen domains

Aptitude Dice
Some classes require this to be rolled (if wanted) to activate a special capacity. You roll it at the same time as you roll the combat dices, eventhough it's result will affect the normal combat rolls

Combat Dice
This is the same dice used for attacking, launching spells, avoiding an attack/spell our countering it. You simply precise what the roll means and roll it. The result of the roll will decide what happens afterwards
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