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 Forum Management: The RPG Sheets

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Forum Management: The RPG Sheets

I've seen that many people don't really understand the use of these. Indeed some see them as incomplete, or even obselete. Others see these as a hinderance in their knowledge.

This small tutorial is basically here to lift the fog people have on this interesting function, so as that you may then use them to their full extent.

What RPG Sheets Are and Are Not

For tose who don't know where to find these:
Admin Panel => Modules => RolePlay Game

From there, you can activate the RPG Sheets.

Technically, they only serve as stats sheets. Meaning that the values don't change if you "attack" another player for instance. You can't do anything to them so so they edit themselves or update automatically.
As some have found out, updating these manually can prove a quite fastidious job, and they usually give up within short periods of time.

Basically, they will serve only as a visual support

RPG Sheets Applied

Now that the lessons over...

Blood wrote:
Aah, at last Very Happy

...As I was saying; Now to the interesting part

Blood wrote:
Oh goodie

*Hits Blood K.O*

The Interesting part: RPG Sheets applied and used in different forums.

RPG Forums
These are a must for RPG Forums
They can be used in various ways, of which I will describe the main ways.

Reference sheet
This method is the most basic and is also the basis for all the others. It basically resumes the member’s character into a series of numbers, bars and labels. It includes the main stats of the character (ex: species, health, level)
Forum Management: The RPG Sheets Refere10

Stat Sheet
This is simply a more complete version of the reference sheet, and is often found in more complex RPG’s. It includes the values of the different stats as well as the main ones (ex: strength, magic, progression (%), speed…)
Forum Management: The RPG Sheets Stats10

Bar Sheet
This version is a sort of mix of both the previous, involving, as its name suggests, mostly bars. These are often found in simulation type RPG’s (ex: Dragon Breeder). This will includes stats such as energy, health, hunger, life span etc…
Forum Management: The RPG Sheets Bar10

Graphics & Discussion Forums
In these forums, RPG Sheets are less often seen. This is most probably because the members suddenly don't need HP, strength and the others "stats" that were needed in RPG Forums.

However, these shouldn't be discarded without further thought. RPG Sheets can prove to be useful even in other types of forums. For example members could earn points throughout the forum.

Blood wrote:
I answer graphic requests and participate only for the points on some forums

*Hits Blood K.O again*
As yo might have noticed, earning points motivates members to stay, for someodd reason. These points could be earnedby servies to the site, or by participating in discussions and events.

Instead of the "normal" stats, a RPG Sheet could contain information such as:
> Points
> Warnings
> Competitons participated/won
Forum Management: The RPG Sheets Graphe10

Blood wrote:
Hey, you changed my stat sheet!

Possibly Forum Management: The RPG Sheets Couleur-content-0

Some Final Words

So as we've ben able to see, RPG Sheets can serve in all types of forums.

Ofourse, te sky has no limits and therefore I haven't been able to cover all the possible aspects of RPG Sheets, but tis should provide a solid basis for all those who wish to use them

Written by Caihlem
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Forum Management: The RPG Sheets
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